Treasure Hunt – Kemeraltı

A popular game throughout many tourist destinations across the world, treasure hunts aim to draw attention to and inform participants about specific areas by solving mysteries. We hosted our first ever Kemeraltı Treasure Hunt on 5 November 2017 in partnership with the Tower Residents Association in order to promote and raise public awareness about Izmir’s historical city center.

The event attracted so much attention that 100 spots available for hunting teams were reserved within mere two weeks! 287 treasure hunters participated in the event, led by a devoted team of 35 volunteers.

Promotions via our media channels reached 49,000 people, while the event received 763 responses on Facebook.

Of the 10 teams who had decoded all of the cyphers correctly, only one managed to do so within a span of 1 hour and 45 minutes. They came in first place and won a prize of 2,500 TRY.

Participant feedback following the event was positive overall, with majority of the participants stating that they had a really fun time and that they discovered a whole new side of Kemeraltı they never knew existed despite being long-term residents of Izmir.

We offer our thanks to Bortar Group for contributing to the event by providing portable rations to the participants.

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What is a Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt is a highly competitive team-based game where multiple teams track down hidden objects, locations or places following a number of clues provided by the event staff. Treasure hunting events can be hosted both indoors and outdoors. The treasure may be hidden at an outdoor location, or even anywhere around the city.

The sense of discovery, excitement and happiness is universal. It is in people’s nature to be curious about solving a mystery and uncovering the unknown. What treasuring hunting events do is to feed this curiosity.

In these events, the best teams draw upon their knowledge of popular culture, local geography, history, and arts in solving many puzzles each filled with mini-mysteries and accurately reading their maps. The first team to correctly solve the puzzles and fulfills all of their tasks wins the game.

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