Principal Members of the Board of Directors

Uğur YÜCE Chairman
Samim SİVRİ Vice Chairman
Sıtkı ŞÜKÜRER Secretary of the Board of Directors
Temel Aycan ŞEN Treasurer of the Board
Murat DEMİRER Member


Alternate Members of the Board of Directors

Ahmet Sırrı YIRCALI
Sedat Şükrü ÜNLÜTÜRK
Dalyan Ahmet ERSİN

Audit Board Principal Members

Hasan EKE Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Turhan BORO Member of the Audit Committee
Member of the Audit Committee


Supervisory Board Alternate Members

Sunay Akça Sun
Mehmet Gürel Kapani
Samuel Azar


Dear Friends,

The Historical and Cultural values and natural assets are a legacy we are entrusted with leaving our future generations. It is an obligation to protect and improve this legacy, and a social responsibility to take all the necessary steps to that end.

Association for the Preservation and Promotion of the Izmir City Values, was established to launch joint initiative projects with the aim of identifying, prioritization, preservation, and improvement of İzmir’s urban values, as well as their introduction to society.

Our City Izmir Association aspires to bring Izmirite opinion leaders who have dedicated themselves to the city under a single platform without seeking any financial and political interest. The only unifying factor of this platform is the love of “IZMIR”. With a history dating back 8500 years and a cradle of numerous opulent civilizations, IZMIR is one of the foremost cities that have a great responsibility for the preservation of the cultural heritage.

Activities to be undertaken to foster the sense of urban citizenship will also promote communication, cooperation and the culture of collective effort, and unlock the local potential.
Since its establishment, our association has been contributing to Izmir’s development through raising awareness, devising projects and carrying out developmental works for the preservation, promotion, sustainability of historical-cultural values. Leaving a good and lasting impression of and attracting visitors to Izmir, enriching the array of products and services already offered in our city, and thus, enhancing its reputation, prestige, and revenue all calls for blending together and collective use of diverse dynamics.

We carry on the efforts in our association through the love and passion we have for Izmir, and I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to all our dear members.

Our City Izmir Association

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