In Our City Izmir Association, we develop projects in numerous areas for the benefit of Izmir and Turkey, and mainly to preserve and improve Izmir’s urban values. You can follow us our website and social media accounts for more information about our soon-to-be-launched projects currently in application process.

Innovative Learning Center Project

The 140-year-old Historical Istiklal School, located at Izmir Historical City Center on the corner where the Ikiçeşmelik (Eşrefpaşa) and Kestelli Boulevards intersect, will be restored under the concept of “Innovative Learning Center” to provide children with a place where they can carry out scientific and technological studies.

İzmir History Communication Project

Our association is carrying out the communication efforts for the İzmir History Project launched by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.


An initiative launched through the personal efforts of the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Uğur YÜCE, ÖzetKitap offers scores of book summaries completely free.

Discover Izmir Films

10 short promotional videos were produced in collaboration with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to familiarize the public with Izmir’s cultural values.

Visi-Teaching Erasmus+ Project

Visi-Teaching Project was launched in the hopes of popularizing visual learning methods in classroom teaching, serving as an instrument in teachers becoming visual-educators and help them create digital narrations for the class, and hone their skills in utilizing visual literacy techniques or mind charts.

The Design-Meets-Havra Street Project

In an attempt to protect and preserve Havra Street, one of the most significant historical and cultural jewels of Izmir, a revitalization project has been developed in cooperation with the local tradespeople, municipalities, designers and non-governmental organizations.

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