İzmir History Communication Project

The most significant among Izmir’s cultural and historical values is the historical city center. In 2013, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality launched the İzmir History Project, which aims to improve and reinvigorate the 252-hectar area spanning the Kemeralti, Kadifekale and Basmane regions through an integrative approach and pursuing a balance between its preservation and utilization.

The project scope includes protection, development and preservation projects, improvement and reinvigoration projects, and infrastructure works such as lighting, transportation etc.
Our association manages the communication part of the project on behalf of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Communication Project 1:
Numerous activities were carried out between 22 May 2017 – 22 May 2019 as part of the two-year communication project developed in line with the Izmir History Project for the promotion, increasing recognition and public support, and achieving the project goals by fostering a sense of urban citizenship.

As part of the communication project;

Local Participation Workshops were held for the purpose of ensuring harmony and cooperation with the local users / tradespeople in the spatial practices Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will carry out within the project’s scope and providing solutions to the problems faced by tradespeople, users and the locals of the zone already used as a busy center of commerce. Meetings were held with the local residents of 9 designated streets.

1. Anafartalar St. (Level 2)

3. Aziz Vukolos & Around

5. 848 St.

7. Birinci Beyler

10/11/12/13. Kadifekale

16/17/18/19/20. Children Education Workshops

Coming Soon…

2. Tarık Sarı St.

4. Kestelli St.

6. Anafartalar St. (Level 1)

8/9. Pedestrian

14/15. Piyaleoğlu Inn

Coming soon…

A Campaign Concept was developed to provide information about the Izmir History Project initially to the users who will be directly affected by the project, followed by the citizens of Izmir, and finally the potential visitors of the region. Various sub-themes were grouped under the core concept “There is Something Historical About It”.

The social media accounts of the Izmir History Project are managed by our Association. The management process includes content plan development, content creation and sharing, analytic follow-up, and CRM.

In addition to content development for the architectural and infrastructure projects carried out as part of the project, our Association also creates social media posts highlighting the significance and cultural value of the subject. Moreover, many competitions, animated videos, and various offline activities are organized to boost interaction rates.

To follow Izmir History on social media;

Content development for the Izmir History Project is carried out by our Association.

To browse the website: www.izmirtarih.com.tr

As part of the research study conducted by our Association on behalf of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 258 notable landmarks were identified throughout the Izmir Historical City Center that worth visiting and exploring, and detailed informative descriptions were prepared for said spots. Through an effort carried out in parallel to almost 1 year of content creation process, a native Mobile Application was developed for both iOS and Android. The application was released simultaneously on both platforms on January 2019; you can explore the landmarks of significant historical and cultural value located across the Izmir Historical City Center and read about their history, accompanied by relevant photography.

In addition to the thematic predetermined routes created to offer an exploratory tour of the Historical City Center, the application also allows users to create their own routes. It detects user location via GPS and provides the user directions for the desired destination using navigation. It emphasizes individual experience by allowing the user to add locations to favorites, rate them, and even create personal lists, while its search filters help easily browse 258 landmarks based on various features. Once downloaded on a smart-phone, the application can also be used offline.

For Free Download:


There is an ongoing effort toward the design and manufacture of souvenirs unique to the region with the intent to the brandization of and improve the quality perception for the Kemeralti region. As part of the efforts, a logo, corporate identity and slogan was created. Additionally, 141 products, which can be used both by the tradespeople doing business and in the souvenir shops to be opened in the region, along with an assortment of other products such as packaging were designed. The souvenirs, which will be produced in collaboration with the local craftspeople in a way to suit the local historical fabric, will offer new alternatives for those who wish to bring home with them a reminder about the region.

A diverse series of video infographics were put together in an attempt to offer clearer and more straightforward information to the local residents about the efforts to be carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as part of the Izmir History Project. These infographics were grouped under the following 6 main categories: What is the Izmir History Project, infrastructure and superstructure works, public areas, pedestrianization, the rules concerning the restoration of registered building, and social projects.

Click the following link to watch the video infographic detailing the Izmir History Project:

A number of short promotional videos were put together that highlight the region, its importance, and various previous projects and activities.

Public sessions were held to inform the collaborating stakeholders, as well as to draw the attention of relevant institutions and organizations into the region.

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