Visi-Teaching Erasmus+ Project

Visi-Teaching Project was launched in the hopes of popularizing visual learning methods in classroom teaching, serving as an instrument in teachers becoming visual-educators and help them create digital narrations for the class, and hone their skills in utilizing visual literacy techniques or mind charts.
The project was carried out to supplement the innovation and strategic partnership in education, implemented with the support of the European Union’s Education and Youth grant program (Erasmus+). (Agreement No. 2015-1-TR01-KA201-022591)

It is an education-oriented project that aims to promote the use of visual communication techniques in elementary and secondary school classrooms, help teachers conduct “visual classes”, and train them on the related methods.

Our main partners include Izmir Provincial Directorate for National Education, Crete Regional Directorate of Education, and Dokuz Eylül University. Hanya Child Museum as well as 2 Greek and 2 Turkish, a total of 4 pilot schools also participate in the project.

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