Innovative Learning Center Project

The 140-year-old Historical Istiklal School, located at Izmir Historical City Center on the corner where the Ikiçeşmelik (Eşrefpaşa) and Kestelli Boulevards intersect, will be restored under the concept of “Innovative Learning Center” to provide children with a place where they can carry out scientific and technological studies.

The restoration and functionalization efforts for the historic school owned by the Konak Municipality will be funded by the project devised as a part of the Financial Support Program for the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage implemented by Izmir Development Agency. Konak Municipality and Izmir Cultural and Art Development Association take part in the project as partners, while TARKEM participates as a contributor.

Having served under the name “Istiklal School” for many years, the school will become operational as a center of education for children and youth once again, and be home to numerous workshops. It will offer a world-class service, where children will first undergo education in diverse workshops on numerous fields from coding, space sciences, and robotics to carpentry, wearable technologies and agricultural technologies.

The center is planned to be opened on February 2021.

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